The  "I am" Project - The story...

The "I am" project is about people telling you who they are, in their own words. The project came about in May 2020 as I was re-imagining old photos with new photoshop techniques. Ms. Jade Lun (@JadeLun) is a model and creative that I met on a photo meet-up. Although we didn't snap that day, I was inspired by her challenge to the community. She told us to "stay creative" while we were all locked-in due to the pandemic. For me, I tried to learn 1-2 new Photoshop techniques each week. Then I stumbled into the word integration (aka Typography) and it sparked an idea. I asked Jess Rose (@JessRosePole) to describe herself and put those words into a photo of her. The rest is history. I have over 300,000 photos in my 10+ year archive. I have met so many people around the world and captured moments with my camera.

This project is allowing me to meet them all "again, for the first time".

If I have taken you photo at any point and you want to be in the project, please DM me on IG or email If I have not taken you photo, but you want an image create, email me for rates (with or without a photo session).

Enjoy the project. -KBev

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