I'm Keith, AKA KBev.  I'm a veteran, CHI-based photographer that has literally shot graffiti all over the world. If you're curious, you can browse through the many cities I've shot.   I also have a lot of experience shooting graffiti with models, and you can see some of that work here.  In fact, I shared my #GrafNModels story in an interview with Voyage Chicago.

If you are interested in booking a graffiti shoot, here's the information you need:

Option 1: Simple Chicago shoot (1-4 people) - Price varies

For this, you can visit the AirBNB Experience and book directly through the site.  This is a great way to experience being a model.  You'll get 6 photos included with the price and have the opportunity to purchase more if you like them.  This is 90-120 mins

Option 2: Couples/ Engagement Chicago shoot (2 people) - Price: $400

This is a chance to avoid the boring stuff people always shoot when they travel or announce their engagement.  This is a 2 - 2.5 hour session.  You'll get to choose your favorite 15 from the set, with the option to buy more.  I typically shoot 30 or more.  You can book this directly through me, using the availability that is showing in Option 1.  (I may add this the Air BNB.  I have not decided yet.)  50% payment is due upon booking.

Option 3: Graffiti around the world 

I am regularly in Boston and Atlanta.  I also get to London, Paris, Singapore, and a bunch of other US/Non-US cities throughout the year.  If you want to schedule something, just email me at keith@kbevphoto.com or use the contact form to see if we can connect.  Depending on the city, TFP may be ok. 

*** You can always email me for additional availability.  

PC: Glitter Guts

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