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I'm Keith, AKA KBev.  I'm a veteran, CHI-based photographer that has literally shot graffiti all over the world. If you're curious, you can browse through the many cities I've shot.   I also have a lot of experience shooting graffiti with models, and you can see some of that work here.  In fact, I shared my #GrafNModels story in an interview with Voyage Chicago.

If you are interested in booking a graffiti shoot, here's the information you need:

Option 1: Simple Chicago shoot (1-4 people) - Price varies

For this, you can visit the AirBNB Experience and book directly through the site.  This is a great way to experience being a model.  You'll get 6 photos included with the price and have the opportunity to purchase more if you like them.  This is 90-120 mins

Option 2: Couples/ Engagement Chicago shoot (2 people) - Price: $400

This is a chance to avoid the boring stuff people always shoot when they travel or announce their engagement.  This is a 2 - 2.5 hour session.  You'll get to choose your favorite 15 from the set, with the option to buy more.  I typically shoot 30 or more.  You can book this directly through me, using the availability that is showing in Option 1.  (I may add this the Air BNB.  I have not decided yet.)  50% payment is due upon booking.

Option 3: Graffiti around the world 

I am regularly in Boston and Atlanta.  I also get to London, Paris, Singapore, and a bunch of other US/Non-US cities throughout the year.  If you want to schedule something, just email me at or use the contact form to see if we can connect.  Depending on the city, TFP may be ok. 

*** You can always email me for additional availability.  

PC: Glitter Guts

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